Aditya to turn an OBSESSIVE lover and get in a FIGHT with Shravan in ‘Ek Duje Ke Vaaste’..!

A major fight to erupt between Shravan and Aditya in the upcoming episodes..

The recent episodes of ‘Ek Duje Ke Vaaste’ portrayed a showdown between Shravan (Namik Paul) and Suman (Nikita Dutta) where the duo came at loggerheads and exchanged several unpleasant words towards each other.

And as shown, the wedding of Aditya (Ronit Kapil) and Suman is on in full swing. However, the wedding is set to be in total jeopardy as major drama and action (literally) set to unfold in the upcoming track.

Aditya will soon realise that there is MORE than just friendship between Shravan and Suman. This will enable Aditya to turn into an obsessive lover for Suman where he will start harassing Suman to tell the truth. He will even start hurting her.

And of course, Shravan, who may be in absolute fury towards Suman, still loves her deeply. And as soon as he will learn about Aditya harassing Suman, he will decide to go to him and teach him a lesson.

In an exchange of words, Shravan will even say that Suman and himself have a relationship which is like HUSBAND and WIFE and dares Aditya to hurt Suman ever again.

However, in aboslute rage, Aditya will start harassing Suman at the mandap too, where Shravan will not be able to tolerate this sight and stand up for Suman.

A big argument and even a fight will soon be erupting between Shravan and Aditya.

OMG! Due to this, the wedding will be called off and will also get Nirmala (Geetanjali Tikekar) disheartened watching her sons fighting.

What will happen when the wedding is off?? Will Shravan and Suman finally confess their love to each other?

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