Serial Ki Muh Dikhayi – Naamkaran

Serial Ki Muh Dikhayi – Naamkaran


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  1. MM January 10, at 03:20

    What kind of show has Namkaran turned out to be? Does Star Plus have to stoop so low for ratings so as to what the show is trying to convey like there should be no difference between race, religion and color. The episode for 1-9-2017 was too much. In fact all of them are too much. Children can be cruel to each other but for Rica to have such indifference toxher cousin Avni was it for me. I thought one is to show kids how to be kind, loving and caring but. This is another show that I don't want to watch. End the show. I stopped watching SNS(Swath Nibhana Saathyia and now this. Please bring more shows back like Baa Bahoo Our Baby.


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