Ganga to turn Shiv’s saviour in &TV’s Gangaa

Devoted viewers of &TV’s popular show Gangaa (Sphereorigins) have been witnessing some major changes in the storyline.

The post leap drama is keeping audience hooked to their TV screens.

Now, we will see Ganga (Aditi Sharma) turning Shiv’s (Shakti Anand) saviour in the upcoming episode.

As per a reliable source, Shiv’s father headed a community prior to his demise. Now, Shiv will be declared as the new chief.

Shiv’s brother Pratap (Dinesh K Mehta) will get envious of the decision and chalk plans to create troubles for Shiv.

Pratap will give toxic medicine to a little boy and falsely declare him to be dead. He will blame Shiv for the mishap, drawing wrath of the entire community.

As punishment, Shiv’s crown will be axed and Pratap will be named the new leader.

However, Pratap’s dream will be shattered with the timely entry of Ganga.

The moment when Pratap would be on the dais of coronation, Ganga will enter with the child who Pratap claimed to have been killed by Shiv.

Pratap’s blatant lie will be exposed and Shiv’s dignity would remain intact.

Will this move melt Shiv’s heart? Will he ever accept Ganga as his wife?

When we contacted the actors, they were busy with their shoot.

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