We need to have a balance between tradition and modernization: Priyamvada Kant

Zee TV recently launched its new series Sethji (Off Shore Productions).

Not many would know, pretty and talented actress Priyamvada Kant, who is currently seen on &TV’s popular show Santoshi Maa, is the mastermind behind the concept.

In a candid conversation, she shared, “This concept is very close to my heart, which is based on two women. Everybody has been asking me that why the title of the show isn’t Sethani Ji, when the title role is being played by a woman. So I would like to clarify that if you are a feminist and believe that there is no difference between the two genders, then why need a separate term for women. There should be just one term.”

“If I would have termed the show as Sethani, it would have taken away the power of a woman. Also, people would have started assuming that Sethani is the wife of Sethji and it’s not about a powerful woman; it’s the story about Sethji’s wife,” she added.

The actress mentioned that through this show she wanted to create a world.

She explained, “I wanted to create a world where both culture and tradition exist. Sethji (Gurdeep Kohli) shows our culture and tradition whereas Pragati (Rumman Ahmed) shows how our world is moving on towards modernization. The idea behind this concept is to tell the world that how we are moving away from our culture and it is very important to have a good balance between traditional and modern life.”

“The story will have a lot of family drama depicting a beautiful love story of a village boy and a city girl. I would say that Pragati is an extension of me and the story is very close to my life. My love story couldn’t happen just like them,” she added.

Priyamvada further said, “It’s an amazing feeling. It’s been a year since we started working on it. It feels strange to be on the other side because being an actor; I always start working when the 90% of the work is done. I just reach the set and play the character but now I have seen that how much of hard work and effort goes into making a character.”

“Now seeing my characters come alive on screen, makes me feel so good. It’s a great feeling to see the hoardings all over. Even the hashtag of our show #IndiaBhiBharatBhi was retweeted by our Prime Minister. It’s the first time that I have written something and even the logo has been designed by me. I feel blessed and happy to have been able to do so many things at the same time,” she added with a smile.

Good luck, Priyamvada.

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