Is Atharv ‘dead’ in Star Plus’ Jaana Na Dil Se Door?

Loyal viewers of Star Plus’ Jaana Na Dil Se Door (Beyond Dreams) are left heart-broken with the latest promo going on air, wherein lover boy Atharv (Vikram Singh Chauhan) is almost beaten to death by the henchmen of Kailash (Vineet Kumar). This has left his lady love Vividha (Shivani Surve) sobbing her heart out.

So what will happen to Atharv? Will he survive this merciless act? Or will the love story of Atharv – Vividha breathe its last here?

Lots of questions, and of course with the entry of Shashank Vyas about to happen, this is indeed a tense time for the loyal fans of Atharv and Vividha.

Well, a lot of emotional moments for the fans to overcome, which will end with Vividha finally succumbing to the pressure of sacrificing her love for the sake of Atharv’s well being.

As per reliable sources, “Vividha will tell her father that she is ready to marry anyone as per his wish, but he will have to spare Atharv’s life. Kailash will adhere to his daughter’s wish and will stop his men from beating Atharv further. There will be a very emotional moment when Vividha and Atharv will separate.”

But the twist in the tale will be that Kailash will order for the killing of Atharv post this, without Vividha’s knowledge.

And there will be a scene wherein an already critical Atharv will be beaten up all the more… Also, there will be a scene wherein Vividha will go hysterical, and will break her bangles and wipe away her sindoor, indicating that her life has now gone dark with the death of Atharv…

Is Atharv really dead? What does this Vividha’s ‘widow’ act signify?

We tried calling Vikram and Shivani but could not reach out to them.

Watch this space for more updates.

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